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Here Are The Top 10 Skills Your Teen Should Dominate Before Graduating High School  👇

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Here Are The Top 10 Skills Your Teen Should Dominate Before Graduating High School 👇

Help A Teen's Learning Model Is Recommended By


We Help High School Teens Develop The 10 Power Skills And A New Sense Of Confidence That Colleges & Employers Look For But Aren't Being Taught In School

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How to Stand Out in Under 10-Weeks Outline
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Video #2

Tools and finding your cause or nonprofit 

Video #3

Selling Your Personal Story & Nonprofits 

Video #4

Cleanup & Make Your Digital Footprint Pop
Get Them Prepared
This is a 10-week transformational experience that is guaranteed to prepare our teens for the future, unlike any other program. By the end of 10-weeks, your teen will have collected letters of recommendation, have a completed resume, and a rough draft completed of their college personal statement (college essay)

Completion of this program will make any teen standout on a college application and give a teen a competitive advantage when interviewing for their career in the future. Teens can also potentially receive community service hours for High School graduation and/or the National Honor Society requirements. 

But it does something even greater. 

Not only will your teen feel fulfilled helping drive awareness for a nonprofit or social cause they’re passionate about, but they’ll actually be gaining real-life skills that will open up doors of opportunity today, tomorrow, and forever by following this simple outline. 
Build The 6 C's
  • Confidence
  • Competence
  • Connection 
  • Character
  • ​Caring/Compassion
  • ​Contribution


We Help High School Teens Confidently Develop The Skills That Colleges & Employers Look For But Aren't Being Taught In School

Who Is Help A Teen
What if good grades aren't enough to get your teen into their top college choice or dream career? 

Imagine, your teen working their butt off all through high school and never getting the chance to interview with their dream college, employer or worse... getting rejected? Now what?

Welcome to Help A Teen where we help high schoolers discover how to standout in a highly competitive world, regardless of how they do academically.

Too many of our young, graduate High School or College and end up either unemployed or underemployed.

It’s not because they don’t have the talent for the jobs they want, but that many lack the skills necessary to even be given a shot.

You see if you never get the chance to sit in the seat for that interview, it doesn’t matter how smart you are or how well you did academically!

We believe education is extremely important, but equally important are the life skills and street smarts needed to ensure our children have the life they want tomorrow.

That’s why we’ve created Help A Teen and the nationwide 10 week program called Go! Be The One. 

It’s a 10 week transformational experience where high school teens find a nonprofit they're passionate about in your community & following the program raise awareness for a cause, while working from the comfort of your home with our success mentors virtually. 

During the 10 weeks, Teens not only help a nonprofit, but they learn true life skills they’ll use forever to raise awareness for themselves. 

Teens learn productivity & time management, how to manage their online presence to help them vs. hurt them through impression management, sales, marketing, communication, networking, the value in mentorship and so much more.

Parents love this program because teens will also create a resume, collect letters of recommendation, gain potential community service hours, stand out on their college application and gain a competitive advantage when interviewing with employers in the future because they’ve now built a powerful network.

But behind the scenes, teens are learning the essential skills that they’ll use forever to open doors of opportunity. At the same time, they’re raising awareness for a cause bigger than themselves in your own community which has a forever lasting impact on your teen.

Together let’s invite your teen to join other teens nationwide helping 1,000,000 people annually learn about nonprofits supporting communities around our country, while at the same time giving your teen the skills they’ll use forever. 

View the outline below or if your teen is ready today to become an Insider in Go! Be The One - Click here! 

Provide Them The Tools
During this 10-week experience, teens will be introduced to tools they’ll use forever that 99.9% aren’t using currently (but should be). 

Teens will learn how to create time-blocks using a calendar so that time is managed versus the alternative of missing deadlines or forgetting tasks that need to be done.  

Additionally, in week one, we will review how to use a project management tool. 

Learning how to use a tool like this will help tremendously when adjusting to the demands of college in the future and heck, even High School today.

Week one, we introduce journaling to our students and send each a copy of our favorite. The top performers, best world-class leaders, and most successful individuals have this one habit in common. 

These are just a few of the many tools teens will master in 10-weeks.
tools you need - help a teen
The Resume
resume ready
The application process for college or a job is stressful enough. 

Worrying about completing a resume shouldn’t add to this. 

Studies have shown that creating a resume is voted more stressful than creating a will or doing our taxes. 

Teens have plenty of information to start a resume, even with a limited work history. 

By the end of week-10, we’ll have version one of a resume completed. 

We’ll highlight this program to stand out on a resume, while also including other volunteering, hobbies, activities at school, academic awards, and other accomplishments.

Teens that have a resume completed will stand out compared to those that don’t, and now you won’t have to stress over doing this yourself!
resume ready
Go! Be The One 10 Week Outline
Below is a rough outline of what the 10 Week Experience looks like for your Teen as an INSIDER within Go! Be The One

Once your Teen becomes an Insider they'll receive access to a private portal for training, meetings and a schedule of the virtual office hours to join us and our success mentors to work through each of the ten weeks together. 

The hours are flexible to meet your teens schedule and most other teens set aside 30 minutes a day. 

Though this is a 10 week experience, teens can take a pause between weeks for vacations or take additional time between weeks to complete tasks. 

There's video learning for each week, time needed to complete tasks and there's virtual office hours with our success mentor that we encourage your teen join during the week with other teens. 
  • ​Week 1: Time Management - Calendar & Project Management Tool Setup - Journal Arrives In Your Mail. Introduction to Causes & Nonprofits
  • ​Week 2: How to find & share your personal story. Career & Personality Assessment Review. Picking & reviewing Nonprofits Story
  • ​Week 3: Impression Management, Online Safety & Your Digital Footprint Review & Cleanup. Review Nonprofits Digital Footprint
  • Week 4: ​Active Listening & Interviewing Skills. Interview the Nonprofit (or those assisting) virtually to find a story
  • ​Week 5: Regain Creativity, The Art of Selling & Promoting Your Story. Work with your success mentor to promote your nonprofits story
  • ​Week 6: Enhance Verbal & Nonverbal Communication Skills while reaching out virtually to the local media for the Nonprofit. 
  • ​Week 7: Networking Skills and learning how to collaborate with influencers & businesses locally. Community Outreach for the Nonprofit.
  • ​Week 8: Implement the Law of Proximity and build decision maker relationships. Business Community Outreach for Nonprofit.
  • ​Week 9: Persuasion, Effective Copywriting, Digital Resume & Messaging in a Digital World. Messaging for Nonprofit. 
  • ​Week 10: Finding Positive Mentors In Life, Teamwork and Financial Mentoring. Present virtually to Nonprofit &/Or Success Mentor. 
tools you need - help a teen
Teens 10X The Experience By Helping A Nonprofit (Here's Why)
During this 10-week experience your teen will work with our success mentors and pick a nonprofit they'd like to raise awareness for in your community. 

Your teen will enjoy this and I know they'll love week 6 when trying to get media attention for the cause they pick. 

This actually helps your teens digital footprint because this will show up when a college or hiring executive Google's your teens name in the future (which they will). 

They'll also enjoy the collaboration and competition with other teens participating around the country when we come together weekly during virtual office hours to share each others wins and challenges.

In many states that require community service hours for high school graduation, this can potentially count for those hours, while your teen is also gaining new life skills used in the real world.

We've found it's important that your teen picks a nonprofit they're passionate about because they'll want to learn how best to help raise awareness for that cause when it's something they're passionate about. 

This 10x's the learning experience and benefit to your teen and cause! 

During these 10 weeks each new skill is applied to helping raise awareness for the cause your teen picks and we tie it back to how your teen will use this skill themselves in real life. 

When you serve a cause bigger than yourself to make a positive difference, you also end up serving yourself!
According to Kaplan, volunteering may not increase your SAT or ACT scores or boost your GPA, but it can provide you with the competitive edge you need in the college admissions process and help you stand out among other applicants. 

Here are four additional ways volunteering helps: 
  • Gain Experience
  • Boost Leadership Skills
  • ​Gain Scholarships
  • ​Personal Enhancement
The University of Pennsylvania Scholarly Commons shared teenagers who volunteer helping nonprofits have better grades, a higher self-image, positive behavior & a sense of purpose. 
resume ready
resume ready

Help A Teen's Model is Recommended By

Help A Teen's Model Is Recommended By

More Benefits Parents LOVE...
Each week while your teen is assisting the nonprofit they pick, they'll also be completing other requirements all High School students need to do between 9th - 12th grade. 

Your Teen Will...
  • Complete A High School Brag Sheet & Resume
  • Gain Letters of Recommendation
  • Start Using a Calendar & a Productivity Tool
  • ​Gain Potential Community Service Hours
Teens Develop The 6C's
  • Confidence
  • Competence
  • Connection 
  • Character
  • ​Caring/Compassion
  • ​Contribution
Closing Thoughts Parent to Parent
Has your teen ever shared with you something they've learned from someone else that you've told them a gazillion times but it took someone else saying it?

I know I have and when speaking to other parents around the country regularly I hear this over and over. 

Some of what's in our program I'm sure you've shared with your teen before, this time though coming from someone else, hopefully it sticks. 

But at the end of the day, as long as we're setting them up to stand strongly on their own two feet when they're off on their own, I don't think we care who they learn it from.

Go! Be The One is fun and your teen will be helping your community learn about a nonprofit they care about, while learning 10 skills that regardless of how they do academically will help them in life guaranteed! 

Speaking of 'guarantee'...

As a parent I know when I invest in my children, I want to feel confident they get a return.

That's why I made sure to offer a 100% money back guarantee. 

If your teen attends regular virtual office hours with their success mentor and apply themselves to the entire Go! Be The One experience, if at the end you feel they didn't gain skills they'll use to get ahead in life, then you will receive a full refund!

I know what we've created will add value, inspire and motivate your teen to chase life's opportunities with a new sense of excitement. 

If you have questions please feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to jump on a call. Otherwise, if your ready for your teen to become an Insider in Go! Be The One just click here now

I wish your teen tremendous happiness and success in life and believe they can truly GO! BE THE ONE  that achieves whatever their heart desires. 

College Ready
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